The following clients owe me money for work done.
Please do not do business with these people.



$200 for PowerPoint work, billed many times via Paypal, email requests...

Bob MacGuire
Income Property Advisors, LLC 1021 Scott Street  Ste. 216 San Diego, CA 92106    

Echo Summit Properties


The following is my opinion and was was sent back in July 2009, Kay Grenz-Koch owes just over $400 for PowerPoint work. She has received and read dozens of emails from me to please pay, SHE HAS NOT!!!

"Thank you, I think we call it good for now… send me an invoice or link to PayPal and I will get you paid…..  THANK YOU!"

Kay Grenz-Koch
Community Property Manager

Classic Community Property Management, LLC
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 756
Loveland, CO 80539-0756
Corporate Office:
730 N Cleveland Ave Suite 1
Loveland, CO 80537
Telephone Numbers:
Corporate Office (970) 663-1983
Denver (303) 288-9808
Fax (970) 667-3097

****************************, owes over $800 for web site design and computer IT work.


Billy Bacon owes over $200 for cd-rom production.


Michael Steven Russell (married to Janet Northrop) owes over $3000 for video editing. Wow, read even more about this true deadbeat below...

date of birth: 2-3-1960

Home Address: 2350 Nicklaus Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056

Cell Phone: 760-231-6707


1st Books Publishing
Wendy Quirk

Fraud... Betrayal... Videos... California... Harley Davidson Events...Colorado... the scandal... the charming con man... and ultimately the surprising, dark secret he revealed... the heiress he married, and her prestigious Fortune 500 family name.
“A captivating, and bizarre story!” K. Mangan,

Ordering Information
ISBN 140338312X
1stBooks Library
2595 Vernal Pike
Bloomington, IN 47404 USA
1-800-839-8640 (Toll Free)
1-812-339-6000 (Outside USA and Canada)
1-812-339-6554 (Fax)
Or Ingram Book Company
One Ingram Blvd.
P.O. Box 3006
La Vergne, TN 37086-1986

A self-proclaimed devout Catholic, he fraudulently deceived the motorcycle
industry public, swindled close friends, and bilked major corporations out of
thousands of dollars. Shortly after filming the 2001 Laughlin River Run, he
married a wealthy Catholic heiress he had known only several months. Her
grandfather founded one of America’s leading Fortune-500 technology
companies, and her family is very well known and respected in the Catholic

Pursued by many, he quietly slipped off to the Colorado Springs area where he
reportedly continued his scandalous activities. There, he started a new
trucking business and involved a long-time friend as a partner. Amazing and
bizarre, the story continues to unfold, revealing details of even more
possible fraudulent activity as the trucking business failed, leaving the
partner swindled by his former trusted friend. Broke and even more in debt,
he and his new family moved back to Southern California, where he is
surrounded by his creditors, and currently being pursued by the US government
as well. He was recently spotted performing as an emcee at a motorcycle event
in Julian, California. He also is said to be attending comedy classes in LA,
in high hopes of a career as a famous stand-up comedian.

Based on the author’s experiences in her relationship with the con artist
film producer, this candid book brings to light the reality of just how easy
it is to be conned, and shows you how to prevent it. You’ll learn about
several popular scams and frauds, and discover how a con-artist thinks and
manipulates others. Know how to spot behavior, personality characteristics,
and patterns of the con artist. Find out about this particular con artist and
where he may surface next. Read about the author’s experiences and lessons as
she shares her thought-provoking insights, and discover the real secrets of
how to avoid being the victim of scam or a “Love Bandit.”

Proceeds from the sale of Mr. Integrity: 21 Months With A Catholic Con Man
will be paid to the creditors of the film projects for the Summerfest 2000:
Ensenada, Mexico video, Love Ride 17 Video, and 2001 Laughlin River Run video
filming until all known creditors are repaid.

ABOUT Wendy Quirk:
Originally from Sterling, Illinois, Wendy Quirk has resided in California
since 1970, and has worked in the marketing area of publishing for over
twelve years. She is single and has two grown children. Her background in
studying self-help, psychology, and metaphysical books played a major
influence while writing Mr. Integrity: 21 Months With A Catholic Con Man.
Wendy has also studied health topics for over twenty years, and is currently
working on a second book about health and nutrition. While still an avid
reader, she also loves movies, cooking, dancing, and skiing.


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